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?What is cancer breast

. cancer breast is the most common cancer that can affect women, it may benign or malignant

if not treated it may causes death by invasion , it is the second cancer that may leads to death after lung cancer

.it can also affect men

symptoms of cancer breast

: there are many symptoms that will appear on affected women such as

  • mass of tissue appear in the breast or armpit
  • pain in the breast or armpit
  • (the skin of the breast is retracted ( orange appearance
  • retracted nibble
  • change in size of the breast
  • change in shape of the breast
  • discharge from nibble in late stage

 causes of cancer breast

hormonal changes or some genes problems may lead to uncontrolled cell multiplication these cells have very long life as they don’t die, which lead to masses of cells

it is usually starts in the inner lining of milk ducts

 risk factors 

  • age

the risk of cancer increases with aging

  • a history of breast cancer

history of having previously breast cancer increase the chance to get it again.family history of this cancer also increase the chance of getting it

  • high level of estrogen 

early period with late menopause will lead to high level of estrogen in the body

breast feeding reduce the level of estrogen thus reduce the risk of getting this type of cancer

  • genes

women who have BARCA and p53 genes are in high risk for developing strange masses in the breast

  • radiation

exposure to radiation by any way increases the risk of this type of cancer

treatment with hormones

taking  oral contraceptives increase the risk of the cancer

  • alcohol consumption


  • invasive

invasive type occur when cancerous  cells invade other tissues

  • non invasive

non invasive type occur when cancerous cells remain at the site of origin

  • ductal carcinoma

the most common type that begins in the milk duct

  • lobular carcinoma

begins in the lobules


  • breast exam

searching for masses in breast tissue by a special way

  • imaging 

help in detection of the cancer by several techniques

  • taking a biopsy

taking a biopsy and examination for tumor

treatment of cancer breast

treatment depend on the type , stage of cancer and the age

the main lines of treatment includes

  • surgery
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation therapy
  • hormonal therapy
  • drug therapy



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